Enforced chastity

Enforced chastity

Chastity only truly begins when you want out...


enforced/ɪnˈfɔːst/adjectivecaused by necessity or force; compulsory."a period of enforced idleness" 


chastity/ˈtʃastɪti/nounthe state or practice of refraining from extramarital, or especially from all, sexual intercourse. 


Well that's pretty straight forward right? By definition somebody is being forced to refrain from sexual intercourse or even sexual contact. And that is in a nutshell what it is, however digging below the surface there is a lot more involved in it, namely another person to enforce and the dynamic that exists between the two recipient of the enforced chastity and the enforcer. 


And let's sidestep the idea of 'self enforced' for now, as that strictly speaking isn't enforced or at least to the same degree. We'll keep it on point in discussing enforced chastity with a keyholder. 


What to look for in a keyholder 


This isn't necessarily a one or two week agreement so whilst a trust in a key holder is always massively important, one cannot overstate just how important it is when you are going to give up control to this degree. Like a chastity 'game' there is the potential to set rules first however a popular alternative in this arrangement is the complete relinquishing of control to the keyholder. 


The passing of physical and mental control is a stimulation like no other in this dynamic, shifting from 'chastity game' to something more serious, possibly over months or even years. And it's that forfeit of control that is just so alluring about it isn't it? 


What will happen 


Devotion. Your submission will result in a dizzying response from the brain and you will feel a connection to the keyholder born out of the connection you have and your mental and physical dependance you now have on them. 


Understand though that this isn't 'your' game any more. This is now firmly in their control so gone are the days of persuading them to release whenever you feel the need, you've now given them the green light to push you and decide on their own set of rules for you. 


After a while you may not be getting the physical pleasure that you're longing for and you might want out, naturally you'll want to cum. Your limits will be tested which is why trust in the keyholder is so crucial. Know that this is what you asked for...and more. The inability to persuade them to cut you a break and the impossibility of escaping and pleasuring yourself forces a deeper submission and that in turn feeds your absolute devotion to the keyholder. Trust your partner and trust the process. 




With enforced chastity the keyholder may be tempted to find you an extra restrictive device because as we know the penis can be a tricky thing to keep completely constrained and with enough effort it's possible to wrangle out of most. Some however are more secure than others. Take one with a steel urethral tube for example. An extra layer of restrain for the cock which slides into the cock then locks into place at the tip of the cage. Take a look at one of our cages below - this one has both a completely closed shaft and a lengthy stainless steel urethral tube to put you in a physically helpless and dependant state.

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