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Fufu Chastity Clip

Fufu Chastity Clip

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Looking for a way to completely shred that last bit of masculinity you have left?

Most slaves have to make do with a cage. While it might hide your penis away, it’s still there, dangling between your legs. You can make the cage small, pink, or pretty, but it still looks like a c*ck, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. But with a chastity clip, you can get rid of the cage entirely and be left with a nice feminine bulge in its place.

These clips are made with firm resin, giving you the support and restriction you need. It can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. As a lightweight option, you can enjoy them with any outfit and don’t have to worry about squeezing a bulky cage into your feminine outfits.

Become the sissy you’ve always wanted to be. Try on our cutest clip and say goodbye to your cock entirely.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink, White, Black
  • Clip Length:
    S: 3.66"/93mm
    L: 4.13"/105mm
  • Inner Clip Width:
    S: 0.8"/20mm
    L: 1"/26mm
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